Our Story

"It was inspired by family"

It was September 30th, 2011. Dr. Zoe had flown across the country to support her baby sister as she was giving birth to her first baby. Luckily, she made it there in perfect time and was able to stand by her to witness the most incredible thing - the birth of Dr. Zoe's niece, Liv Tova. As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Zoe has witnessed and participated in countless births, but none had ever had such an impact upon her; she was so instantly connected to this new little human. Later that week, she set up a photo shoot and took a photograph of her niece. Her niece's little face was so wonderfully symmetrical, so radiant and so beautiful. It was from this photo that the name of her business was derived; she truly had a little, perfect face.

And so it was that Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine was born. There was no better encapsulation of the love that Dr. Zoe had both for her niece and for her newborn passion project turned business.

"It was born in love and grew with passion"

Dr. Zoe's love for aesthetic medicine began in the Navy. Initially, she was trained in anesthesiology at Stanford and was an active duty anesthesiologist at Naval Medical Center San Diego. However, Dr. Zoe always craved something more in order to both satisfy her creativity and feed the artist inside of her. Aesthetic medicine fulfilled her needs because it requires hands-on technical precision, an understanding of the cutting edges of science in both medicine and devices combined with its undeniably artistic aspect. She gets to enjoy all of this while also helping people feel more confident in the way they look.

Her dream is simple - she wants you to feel good about yourself.

Dr. Zoe has struggled with her own skin issues and so she knows how it feels to look in the mirror and not like what you see. Dr. Zoe wants her clients to walk with their heads up, feel more confident in themselves and be ready to see their true beauty in the mirror.

While the skin may be only one aspect of visibly apparent beauty, loving what you see in the mirror may truly be transformative.